Daniel LIn, MediaTek

Amikam is responsible for Colombia/Peru and whole of Central American (including the Caribbean) region. Amikam took on the challenge of taking care of the most complex and diversified region in Latin America in terms of area and culture and has managed to surpass expectations and targets year over year. As you can see, one of his many qualities is his determination and drive, he is extremely goal oriented. MediaTek had a small presence in the region before Amikam joined and he managed to grow the business in the region to over 40% share in Colombia and over 30% share in Central America and Caribbean for MediaTek. Moreover, he always goes the extra mile to expand his reach into developing a strong bond with the carriers and retailers, Amikam has been able to convince carriers to work directly with MediaTek and become one of their key chipset suppliers in the region. (One of the largest carriers Claro – even framed MediaTek on their hall of fame at their main entrance).

There are many more successful stories, however, I would like to share one more story which reiterate his persistent and drive in reaching goals. MediaTek faces strong competition from all areas in the Tablet business. Traditionally the tablet tender business has always been steered and won by Intel and Microsoft. The Arm/Android solution has never been considered competitive in this field of business. (Needs complex features). Amikam has managed to study the requirements from the Government and built a high confidence level for MediaTek’s platform. He orchestrated the entire project for 6 months and eventually winning the important Government tender project for MediaTek.